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About Tryst

Tryst Books publishes new adult, contemporary romance, and women’s fiction that will make you laugh, make you cry, and make you fall in love. Or lust. Or, we hope, both. Our books have a strong romantic element, but they don’t necessarily follow “the rules.” What we look for in our books is engaging characters, believable dialogue, and stories that grab your heart and won’t let go. These can be sweet coming-of-age tales of first love, or very naughty comedic romances, or scorching love stories.

Tryst is based out of Toronto, but our authors come from all over. And our books will be available “all over” too. That is, you’ll find our ebooks and paperbacks everywhere books are sold online, in nearly every country. 


The book hangover.

That heartsick feeling you get when you’ve finished a book you love so much you want to burrow inside it and never leave. You want to crawl into bed, curl up under the covers, and hold onto the feeling that book has given you. You don’t want to let it go. No book will ever take its place. Real life can’t possibly measure up.

We adore book hangovers, as much as they hurt. They’re the reason we read, and the reason we work in publishing. Tryst Books started because we needed our fix and we wanted to give readers theirs.

We publish your next book hangover.


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Our Books

Quiet Love_Helena Rac_cover
Caramel Beach by Audrey O'Connor
All Shook Up
Sweet Bliss_Helena Rac_cover
Drawn Through You_Sarina Rhoads_cover