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Caramel Beach Release Day and Giveaway!

Audrey O'Connor's Lessons in Pure Life was the first book Tryst released, so we're absolutely thrilled that today we get to release the follow-up novella, Caramel Beach.

What happens after Lia and Diego hook up? Is it happily ever after, or happily until reality hits? If you've been dying to find out, now you can. In Caramel Beachsun-soaked days melt into restless nights for Diego and Lia, kept apart for weeks by long hours and miles of coastline. When an A-list wedding reunites them  the tension is higher than ever. Over the course of an electric twenty-four hours filled with sugar, sex, and magic, the couple faces their share of personal demons, angels, and unlikely prophets. While Diego confronts his problems with the help of a surf champ and a bottle of whiskey, Lia stumbles into a bathroom-stall seduction and possibilities she never knew existed. Amid the chaos, Lia and Diego try to reconnect. What comes after is a life-altering odyssey into uncharted territory. 

Get Caramel Beach for 99 cents on Kindle and also through Kindle Unlimited. If you haven't read the first, Lessons in Pure Life,  get it on Kindle while it's on sale for $1.49, until March 19. Here's what reviewers had to say about Lessons:

“O’Connor has done us all a huge favour by describing Lia’s new surroundings in rich detail…. In this tropical paradise far removed from home, she’s able to breathe and learns to let go of her past mistakes and the pain of a failed relationship…. Lessons in Pure Life isn’t just a romance. It’s about exploration and how Lia reinvented herself after her own personal misfortune to discover her own beauty.” – Bel, Bibliojunkies

“I really liked Lia. She was a strong female, she wasn’t vulnerable and whiny but she also wasn’t all up in your face ‘I'm a bad ass’ kind of strong, she was just a strong leading character in all aspects.… She was hilarious too! Lessons in Pure Life was fun, sweet, romantic and had its sexy moments too. It’s a good get-away book, the perfect escape book. Audrey’s writing is smart and funny and her characters are intriguing and interesting…. One question though? Is there more? I hope so! I need a lot more of Diego Valverde.” – Jade, Red Hot Reads

To celebrate, we're giving away a Kindle Fire. Enter here:

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