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Quiet Love Release Day and Giveaway!

We are so thrilled to release Helena Rac's second book, Quiet Love, today! The second in her Chapters of Love series, Quiet Love is a standalone friends-to-lovers romance that follows the story of Rose from Helena's first book, Sweet Bliss.

Rose, the Queen of First Dates, is living with her best friend, Daniel. But that's all they are - friends. Or is it? In Helena Rac’s second novel, best friends become roommates and discover through sloppy towel tucks, stargazing adventures, and a very sexy photo shoot that sometimes true love can be found in the most unlikely place: right in front of you.

Quiet Love is $1.99 on Kindle and also through Kindle Unlimited. The price will go up in a month, so  get it now! The first book in the Chapters of Love series, Sweet Bliss, is on sale and available on Kindle during the blog tour - just 99 cents until May 7!

Here are some amazing things bloggers are saying about Quiet Love:

"I really loved it. I flew through it, I was sucked into the story and ended up not being able to put the book down, and I wouldn’t even mind if someone told me there were to be a thousand sequels to wait for. If you’re in need of a charming book with a great couple and sweet love story, stop right here and read this book, it’s worth it!" -Sophie, Books Are Here for You (4 stars)

"This book was so sweet! Right from the start we know these characters are meant to be together, fate works in different ways and I loved it! The plot is a friends to lovers read but it was so much more than that...they where always meant to be together they just had to work out all the kinks." -Jessica, 20CC Reviews (5 stars)

"I loved all the characters, the main and secondary, and every plot twist was amazing. I LOL and screamed—out of frustration but everything was fine, don’t worry—and I was left with a huge smile with how this book ended. It was amazing. 100% recommended. Now you go and fall in love with Daniel and Rose." -Angy, Collectors of Book Boyfriends and Girlfriends (4 stars)

"OMG!!! This book was incredible! I love friends-to-lovers stories and this one is definitely taken its spot at the top of my list." -Erin, FMR Book Grind (5 stars)

To celebrate, we're giving away a Kindle ereader. Enter here:

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