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Quiet Love Review Round-Up

We had such wonderful feedback on Quiet Love during the blog tour that we just had to share it! Thanks to all the bloggers who participated, congratulations to Helena Rac for all the love, and -- finally, and very importantly -- congratulations to our giveaway winner, Dana! Here's what reviewers said about Helena's second novel:

“OMG!!! This book was incredible! I love friends-to-lovers stories and this one is definitely taken its spot at the top of my list.”

-5 stars, Erin, FMR Book Grind

“So once again, Helena crafted a delightful and inspiring story full of humor, intimate details, relatable characters, and enough of the daily reality of love to bring to the foreground an explosive story of a quiet love.”

-5 stars, Amy, Pages Abound

“Helena Rac has mastered the friends to lover story. Rose and Daniel are two brilliant characters, two people with so much to offer and a love to last a lifetime. I adored this book! It was well paced, beautifully written, and authentic to who Rose and Daniel are. It addresses the fear of lifelong friends who become more and shows the beauty that can happen when the choice is made. Do not miss this one!”

-Tina, Typical Distractions

“100% recommended. Now you go and fall in love with Daniel and Rose.”

-4 stars, Angy, Collectors of Book Boyfriends and Girlfriends

“I’m starting to learn that I shouldn’t doubt Helena Rac. Even though this is only her second book, it’s the second one of hers that I’ve loved. Her characters are captivating…. I couldn’t get enough of Daniel and Rose…. You’ll want to savor this book. It’s a story I could read for forever. The writing is just that great. It’s sweet, it’s sexy, it’s a risk, but Quiet Love has it all!”

-4 stars, Tatia, FMR Book Grind

“The most REAL thing about it is Daniel! He’s not some scary muscled millionaire alpha – he’s sweet and a little awkward and adorable as can be and what’s better than anything is he pulls out the alpha in the boudoir – when and where it counts!! He’s just the greatest. No pretenses, no drama, he’s just everything and I lurve him something fierce lol.”

-5 stars, Taylor, Words We Love By

“I love that this story is about finding forever with someone who has always been there. The snark and sass keep it from treading into sappy waters and the passion between the two friends raises the sexy factor from sweet to seductive.”

-Candace, Lovey Dovey Books

“Wow, I soooo have a new book boyfriend and that is Daniel!… Quiet Love is full of romance, humor, frustrations, sad moments, and amazing sexy situations. Any fan of contemporary romance shouldn’t skip Quiet Love. This was my first time reading Helena Rac but it definitely will not be my last!”

-Dandelions Inspired

“In addition to making me swoon numerous times. Quiet Love had me laughing out loud on multiple occasions. (Ahem, the towel scene!) This story is a perfect mixture of comedy and romance and will leave you wishing you could have another couple hundred pages to spend with these two. Helena has a gift with words and I’m so thrilled that she shares it with us readers.”

-5 stars, Nikki, Confessions of a Wordaholic

“Daniel is a sweet and wonderful book boyfriend and you’ll love reading his thoughts, feelings and utter devotion to Rose. Rose is fun and hardworking and completely shocked to find that she’s attracted to her BFF. Their relationship develops naturally and sweetly. It really is a Quiet Love! But, I want to loudly shout about how terrific this book is! If you like a sweet and wonderful friends to lovers story, you need to add this to your TBR list!”

-4.5 stars, Kiersten, BFF Book Blog

“Once they finally connected I worried about needing a new Kindle, as I feared mine was melting – I gasped and clutched for libation to prevent dehydration. Snap, crackle, pop! This was my first experience on the Rac, but it certainly won’t be my last; she has a new fangirl.”

-4.5 stars, Empress DJ, Books and Bindings


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